Modern managers are no longer only expected to possess the technical knowledge to be great decision-makers, but are also required to have developed the necessary soft skills that will allow them to succeed. Resources such as leadership, strategic thinking, and team management are part of the requirements of a modern leader. The Burch's Master in Business Administration works on this set of skills to help your career evolve and allow you to progress to senior management positions and higher.

We at Burch believe that the Master in Business Administration is a turning point in your career as it reconciles the enriching experience of the master with your professional and personal activities.

International Burch University

The Burch Master in Business Administration is designed for the aspiring individuals with industry experience, mid to top management and executives with recently acquired or significantly expanded management responsibilities.

The program is also appropriate for those who have important cross-functional and/or cross-organizational responsibilities, who need to broaden their perspective on company operations, or who will soon become business unit, divisional or regional leaders. Those who need to develop a more comprehensive, integrated perspective and desire to sharpen their strategic, financial and leadership skills will surely benefit most from Burch Master education.

Burch Business Center serves as interface between BURCH university and business society in order to strengthen mutual cooperation, to enable networking between domestic and international companies as well as to contribute to development of entrepreneurship and economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Burch Business Center has more than 200 members, both domestic and international companies. During 2014, BURCH University has a signed agreement with two distinguished Business Associations operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pro-In and the German Chamber of Commerce, including altogether more than 150 companies.

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Experts from the Industry as Guest Lecturers


Jasminka Ramić


Kakvo sjajno iskustvo je biti MBA na Burch Univerzitetu.  Prozeto inspirirajucom atmosferom i poduzetnickim odnosom profesora sa vrhunskim poslovnim iskustvom i polaznika, MBA na Burch Univerzitetu mi je otvorio vidike koje inace u svakodnevnim aktivnostima nemam priliku iskusiti

Jasmin Kukuljac


MBA program na Burch Univerzitetu za mene predstavlja savršeno nadopunjavanje mojih menadžerskih sposobnosti. Radio sam na problemima poslovne sadašnjice i dobio sam znanje, vještine i sposobnost da nastupam strateški u svojim poslovnim potezima. Najveća vrijednost koju dobijam je sigurno umrežavanje i saradnja sa profesionalcima iz svijeta biznisa i poduzetništva.

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